Engineer, entrepreneur, investor, gamer.

Engineer, entrepreneur, investor, gamer.


Previously I’ve founded:

Previously I’ve advised:

I’m open to I crave any and all sort of feedback for every aspect and decision of my life. Please tell me what I need to hear, increase my awareness and make me wiser.

My Goal In Life

  • Singleplayer: Improve the stats and skills of my character (me) and become one of the most powerful characters in this server (i.e: Earth).
  • Multiplayer: Work on problems that I find interesting or that bother me and collaborate with other players to raid bigger problems that I cannot solve alone.

Founded Companies

  • Strategy game for mobile and desktop browsers
  • 1 million Monthly Active Users
  • Thousands played more than 2000 games
  • 2000 players online, actively playing at any given time of the day
  • You can find more mind blowing stats here in our 2020 Summary
  • Played by Mr. Beast, one of worlds most famous Youtubers with 70M+ subscribers
  • Featured on 100s of blogs and videos

Breakpoint Labs

We’ve worked on various projects in the cryptocurrency space. These include:

  • Breakpoint Capital: A private crypto fund
  • Bitses: A website with fundamental analyses of 100+ crypto assets, one of the biggest websites of its kind
  • Amoveo Exchange: A crypto to crypto exchange focused for the currency of Amoveo

Dawn of Crafting

  • Crafting game for iOS devices
  • 20% of our players play 20+ hours
  • Hundreds of people play 200+ hours
  • Average 4.8 star reviews (One of the highest rated games in its category)
  • Featured as Game of the Day in the App Store in a few countries like United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, Germany.
  • Hit number #1 RPG and Puzzle in the App Store in hundreds of countries including United Kingdom, Australia, Sweden, Norway, Finland, New Zealand, Belgium, Ireland, Turkey, South Africa, Ukraine, UAE Source
  • #1 Most Liked Incremental Game Source
  • #1 Highest Rated Incremental Game Source
  • Passed Minecraft in the Paid Games category in App Store for a couple days Source
  • Featured on 10+ game blogs
  • Self published in the West. IP licensed to U77 for publishing in China
  • Dan Harmon (Creator of Rick and Morty & Community) plays DoC more than I watched Rick and Morty (and I watched it all 3 times)


  • Raised $50K government grant
  • Built 20+ mobile apps, mostly consumer focused
  • Couldn’t find strong Product-Market-Fit
  • Apprenticeship period, foundation of my life

Lumos Bilisim

  • First company straight after college
  • Did consulting web & mobile projects for small businesses


  • Best performing native multiplayer FPS game on the web
  • 2nd most popular FPS on the web
  • 35 million played in 2021
  • I advised the team about product, business, game design


  • Company founded by Nokta Media founder’s (Turkey’s biggest social media conglomerate)
  • I advised the team about blockchain technologies from product, engineering and business perspectives

Founded Groups

Mobile Monday Ankara

  • First meetup in Ankara about mobile technologies
  • Has over 1K+ members
  • Actively running

METU eSports Society

  • One of first university eSports societies in the worl
  • We helped establish eSports societies at more than 100 universities
  • Has over 1K+ members
  • Actively running

Open Source

  • Contributors and users of my open source libraries include entrepreneurs, serial hackathon winners and employees of: Amazon, Facebook, Samsung, Epic Games, Electronic Arts, Ebay, Line, Yelp, Cloudflare, Evernote, Nubank


profile for Esq on Stack Exchange, a network of free, community-driven Q&A sites

  • I regularly use Stackoverflow
  • Top 0.68% this year
  • Impact: ~10m people reached
  • The number of programmers I could help with Stackoverflow is just mind blowing


Watch Star Fork Issue

😏 How Swift standard types and classes were supposed to work. A collection of useful extensions for the Swift Standard Library, Foundation, and UIKit

  • I gave 4 talks in the Bay Area about EZSwiftExtensions
  • Thousands of people use EZSwiftExtensions to simplify their development


Watch Star Fork Issue

📕 Swift Logging Utility for Xcode & Google Docs. Uses Google Sheets as a database for user logs


Watch Star Fork Issue

👆 Easy to use UIPageViewController to create a view navigation like Snapchat/Tinder/iOS Main Pages


Watch Star Fork Issue

🐣 Lightweight Swift loading activity for iOS7+. Really simple to use, just add the class and write 1 line of code

EasyUO Scripts


  • Spent years building some of the most popular character automation tools for Ultima Online
  • Only open sourced 4 scripts. Have 50+ more scripts like these
  • Some private scripts were leaked and were used by thousands of players
  • Some groups used my tools for farming items and selling them for more than $500K profits
  • Produest PvP automation: Perfect PvP mage that could take out the best 20 ping mages in the world with 300 ping connection
  • Proudest economy automation: Crafting factory with 20+ agents. Used this method to become the richest guild in 3 months in the server UODemise (6 year server at the time). Made so much money that we experienced inflation. Every item doubled in price. We owned the economy, we owned the world.


Watch Star Fork Issue

⚔️ An open source emulator for the MMORPG Ultima Online

  • Unlike other projects I was merely a contributor here
  • Contributed for years and affected thousands of people
  • There were hundreds of contributors at its peak days
  • The original code used SVN instead of git
  • RunUO is no longer officially supported by a core team. And the project forked into a new one called ServUO


Coming soon


Oh and somewhere dusting I also have an MS in Software Engineering from METU

Last update: November 2021