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2021 Summary — Level 32

12 Feb 2022
date2022 summary level

TL;DR: The semi-nomadic year summary. Topics: Health, Colonist, Wealth, Video Games, Hobbies, Learning, Goals


If you had to HODL only 1 cryptocurrency for 10 years how should you choose?

25 Sep 2018
date2018 cryptocurrency investing

TL;DR: Immortal blockchain criteria:

  • Defense against attacks
  • No design issues
  • No bugs in the code
  • No dev team corruption
  • Precaution for quantum
  • Trustable team

Fantasy Angel Investing

13 Sep 2018
date2018 angel investing startups spreadsheet

TL;DR: I provide a short tutorial and a spreadsheet to help you get into Fantasy Angel Investing and start playing.

Was the Core Protocol Development in EOS Outsourced?

10 Sep 2018
date2018 cryptocurrency eos

TL;DR: A consulting firm named Object Computing Inc. built most of the core EOS protocol.

Turkey's economic crisis can trigger the next crypto bull run

25 Aug 2018
date2018 cryptocurrency economics turkey

TL;DR: Turkish Lira fell by 50%, Turks are looking to buy USD and gold. Government is discouraging the purchase of USD. Gold is limited. Bitcoin might save the day.

Hello world first blog post

10 Aug 2018
meta date2018

First blog post. Answers why I started blogging.